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Introducing the Amazing MX-LOCare™ GPS Watch

Starting at $129.99

The best safety solution for those who live or work in accidental or unlawful situations right on your wrist!

The MX-LOCare™ GPS Watch may be covered 100% (including the first year of cellular service) by Medicaid or private insurance.

(Adiant Mobile Web App and Voice/Data cellular plans may be sold separately)

No Communication Limits

Receive alerts to your Android, iPhone or any smartphone or tablet. Uses high  sensitivity GPS and cellular tower location as well as latest WiFi technology when GPS is not available

Keeping An Eye On Your Loved Ones

Safety is a critical part of all our lives, whether we are at home or out in the community, alone or with loved ones.

Safety & Security of Autism

Being aware of surrounding and taking precautions to stay safe is even more important for individuals with autism and their families..

Take Care Of Alzheimer’s

Caring for a person with Alzheimer’s disease is a challenge. We hope that this Watch will help you cope with some of these challenges and provide a solution to increase the security and freedom of the person with Alzheimer’s in your home.

Looking After Teen Drivers

GPS technology embedded in the watch tracks their location, which is visible online using mobile application. You can check on your kids whenever needed.

The Most Powerful GPS Device. Say hello to MX-LOCare™.

Innovation in your wrist

MX-LOCare™  is a wrist wearable safety device with advanced GPS and cellular technology for both outdoor and indoor location. It’s also a Quad-band GSM Phone for voice and data communication.

MX-LOCare™  GPS Watch has been designed based on the application requirements from law enforcement agencies and health authorities for wandering prevention technology. The suggested applications are :  Child Protection, Law Enforcement, Lone Worker Protection, Elderly Care, Autism and Alzheimer’s Care.

This Is One Amazing Watch

The MX-LOCare™ (BR-2) GPS Watch is the most advanced and cost effective wearable, waterproof mobile personal emergency response solution (mPERs) available today

Connect it to Any Smartphone

Our easy to use scan App download feature automatically allows up to 16 caregivers to integrate and monitor the wearer.

We have taken the complexity out of the setup and administration of MX-LOCare™ GPS Watch so it as easy as charge and play and know that you get 100% support along the way!

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A Fantastic Timepiece

Looks and acts like a regular digital watch but we assure you it is so much more!
Keep track of the ones you love!


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Choose Your Favorite Color

Our watch comes in multiple colors. Today MX-LOCare GPS Watch™ is available in all the colors.




New Elegant Bands

  • Very comfortable and hypoallergenic band
  • Caters to special needs sensitivities
  • Easy to take on and off
  • Extremely Secure
  • Optional Locking Mechanism with integrated detach alert (locks onto wearer)
  • Integrated Light Beam detach alert to notify if device has been taken off and separated from the wearer
  • Fits any size wrist ( recommended for 50lbs and above)
  • Magnetic connector charger (no need to insert USB Cable directly into watch)
  • Coming 8/16 (New integrated Secure Band)
  • NEW Enhanced Locking Mechanism option for more secure locking capability on wearer.
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