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 The MX-LOCare™ GPS Watch is a personal emergency safety device that creates safer boundaries for those that live or work in accidental or unlawful situations.  It also reduces the risk of elopement to a cognitively impaired individual by alerting caregivers or loved ones of their location if a wandering episode were to happen.

A mobile personal emergency response system, optional panic alert, fitness tracker and GPS personal locator all in one, the MX-LOCare™ GPS Wandering Prevention Watch offers an unobtrusive SOS alert device for those who may feel vulnerable where they live or work.

Monitoring option will be available by a UL approved 3rdparty medical alert central monitoring company with 24-hour response(coming July 2017).  The MX-LOCare™ GPS Watch can be tailored to suit the individual and easily adapted as their needs change.

Amazing GPS Watch: Get It First!

Next Generation MX-LOCare™ GPS Mobile Personal Emergency Watch (BR2) designed for wandering prevention and those living or working in accidental or unlawful situations.

How does it work?

MX-LOCare™ GPS Watch uses GPS, Cellular and Wifi technology to accurately pinpoint location of wearer anytime and anyplace. The integrated app (iPhone and Android) connects directly with Watch to provide immediate location of the wearer.  Located on the side of the watch, the SOS alert button is programmed to either contact predesignated caregivers or optional central monitoring operator.

When the alert button is pressed, it connects to the party, putting the wearer in contact with a loved one or trained operator who will assess the situation and contact the necessary responder to assist, such as a family member, facility administrator or emergency services.

Using GPS location details and real-time tracking, the operator is able to accurately locate the wearer and direct their caregivers/ responders to the precise location.

With open voice communication, the wearer can also speak directly with the caregiver or operator.

Each Watch is supplied with a pre-configured SIM card and will operate where there is GSM mobile network coverage.

The SOS Button has a deactivation option which would allow user not to use this feature.

Who is it for?

  • Elderly
  • People living with cognitive disorders such as autism or Alzheimer’s
  • Those who want extra reassurance while at home, work and out in the community
  • People living with a physical disability
  • People living with chronic disease
  • People who require immediate emergency assistance in an emergency situation
  • People who work alone, travel regularly, or work in potentially hazardous and unlawful environments

MX-LOCARE™ Wandering Prevention GPS Watch (BR-2)

  • Provides an easy to use SOS Panic button
  • Can be used outside of the home, where there is mobile network coverage
  • Programmable safe zone, to raise an alert when the wearer leaves a specified area
  • Destination alert, to advise when the wearer reaches a programmed destination
  • Open voice communication, allowing the wearer to speak directly with a caregiver or operator
  • GPS and Wi-Fi tracking to accurately locate the wearer, even indoors or heavily built up areas
  • Map location and street address provided on the activation of an alert
  • Water resistant enabling it to be worn at all times
  • Auto-presence alerting to ensure the watch is active and in-range
  • NEW magnetic battery charging technology

MX-LOCARE™ GPS Watch Description

Main Features:

  • Ease of use
  • Smallest and lightest wearable mPERs GPS Watch available
  • Two-way voice communication
  • IP66 waterproof rated
  • Optional ip 67 Waterproof Safety Shield for swimming and bathing
  • Super low power consumption, long standby
  • 2.2 oz lightweight
  • Optional Lockable Security Safety Band
  • Dual Mode Tracking
  • Indoor WiFi Enhanced Location technology
  • SOS panic button w/ location notification alert
  • Open clasp/light sensor removal alert
  • Fitness Tracking Step Counter Displays on Watch
  • Easy magnetic induction charger (No USB connector directly on watch)
  • Bread crumbing capabilities (vivid history route playback)
  • Up to 8 in/outbound safe zones (Geofences)
  • On-demand locating (Free iPhone and Android downloadable app)
  • Works anywhere GSM global coverage is available (228 countries worldwide)
  • Coming soon: SDK available for integration into 3rd party platforms
  • EZ-Lock Lockable safety clasp with key
  • One Year Manufacturer’s Replacement Warranty
  • Device and first year of service may be fully covered under Medicaid and most U.S. medical insurance plans


  • Receive both email or text alerts to your Android, iPhone or any smartphone or tablet
  • Uses high sensitivity GPS and cellular tower location as well as latest WiFi technology when GPS is not available
  • Best low-cost quality wearable safety solution
  • No limit on tracking points and provides 6 month history.  Tracking can be sorted by date or by number of positions
  • View and manage unlimited devices from a single user account dashboard (one login for multiple users is available)

Dealers – Please call for pricing

*Accepting new dealers and distributors

Tech Specifications /Standards:

Adiant Mobile Service Plan

Monthly Service includes 60 mins of Voice and unlimited text and email notification alerts.

Additonal Voice Minute Plans are available.  If you require additional monthly voice service plan please send an email to or contact us at 877 980 4477 x3.

*Suggested MSRP for second year of service is $29.99 per month or $299.85 annually ($60 Savings).

Prices may vary by distributor and country.

The MX-LOCare™ GPS Watch may be 100% covered (including the first year of service) by Medicaid and wearer’s private insurance under HcPcs code S5162/5163.  We are the only device that is covered 100% by many insurance providers and Medicaid for cognitively disabled individuals.

There will be no out of pocket expense for the first year other than the one-time activation service fee.

NEW! Most Affordable Convenient Wearable GPS EVER

The MX-LOCare GPS Watch comes with a GPS Watch, embedded SIM card, magnetic induction USB charger, optional locking mechanism and locking hardware.

The monthly service plan includes:

  • Voice/Data Cellular Plan
  • Unlimited notification alerts
  • Unlimited one-minute location updates
  • 15 mins of voice per month


We are thrilled!

5 5 1
We are thrilled with our daughter’s MX-LOCare GPS Watch. As a parent of a teenager with special needs, we strive to balance her need for emerging independence with our need to keep her safe. On her good days, the watch allows for her to be out in the neighborhood while we are able to virtually follow her; and on her tough days we can locate her quickly, without needing to involve our local police department.Setting up the MX-LOCare GPS Watch was a breeze; Adiant Mobile provides excellent customer service!

Great job Adiant

5 5 1
We just received our new GPS watch and it is 1/3 of the size of competitive product that my son with autism used to wear. We were 100% covered including the first year of service. Great job Adiant!!!

It’s a wonderful device

5 5 1
I bought the MX-LOcare watch for my mother who has early stage dementia. It gives my family and I peace of mind knowing we have immediate GPS and can track her both inside and outside wherever she goes. It’s also reassuring to know we can communicate with her and she with us from her watch. It’s a wonderful device and I am thrilled with the affordable cost–especially for the security it gives us given that she is a senior with memory issues.

Kudos to Adiant!!!!!!

5 5 1
We have been using the MX-LOCare GPS Watch now for over a month and my entire family is relieved to know that my mother in law has the ability the push the button and speak to any one of us at any given time. The GPS accuracy is spot on! Kudos to Adiant!!!!!!

This is perfect

5 5 1
This. Is. Perfect. I wish I had one for all of my students! And my grandfather. I know what he’s getting for father’s day!

More than ecstatic!

5 5 1
We just received our new MX-LOCare GPS Watch and are more than ecstatic. The size compared to the other units we have purchased in past is perfect for our 11 year old son with autism and it is very accurate. He loves the step counter!!!!!

Great Investment

5 5 1
We bought the GPS tracking watch for our mom, who has dementia and was occasionally wandering from her assisted care community. We love being able to track her as well as the additional benefits of seeing her activity. Well, worth the price!

No better product...

5 5 1
Technology, Quality, Service: I think this company truly has an understanding of the Autism, Alzheimer's and Dementia needs, and this Mobile Personal Emergency Response Watch certainly reflect this. I have found no better product in the market today that gives me the peace of mind and awareness I need at all times! The price, quality, features & functionality can't be beat! Watch came with easy instruction, and activation was simple

Great Customer Service!

5 5 1
This device helps me keep track of my elderly mother that has Alzheimer's.and likes to wonder off unattended. This kept us from putting her in a full time care facility. Customer service was great as I activated it on father's day Sunday and they walked me through the process.

Highly Recommend!

5 5 1
Generally the watch is awesome. We've had some problems with the watch making calls but have been credited when that happens. Also, setting up the notifications when leaving the house is tricky but the watch does what I need and also looks and acts like a watch so my Husband, who has Alzheimer's, is fine with wearing it. Highly recommend.

Beyond thrilled!

5 5 1
I could not be happier with this product! My mom loves it and so do I. And, she recently lost the band that holds down the extra watch band...the company didn't hesitate to send me not 1, but 2 replacements after seeing my comment on Amazon, asking where I could get a replacement. Customer service like that is a list are in this day and age. Beyond thrilled!

Deserves 6 Stars!

5 5 1
This device does everything that was promised and their technical advice is excellent. I use this device in combination with a Sober Link and together they provide excellent service. The Sober Link gives me GPS location only when they provide a test therefore coupled with the watch, I know where they are between test and when they are outside of the fence I have set up. I get reports every minute and the mapping is excellent allowing me to closely zoom in and actually see them move from one end of their home to the other. The SOS button is a must and the ability to call them or have them call me is perfect. I cannot find a thing lacking in this excellent piece of equipment.